"Open Hat Surgery" - falling in love with the process

This week I successfully performed "open hat surgery" - twice!  Just when I think I have tried everything, knitting has a way of making me learn more.

But first, let me introduce you to my fun Mannequin Family! 

Pictured on the right is Jannequin (looking way under-dressed in my capelet design in progress) and her handsome Mannequin (in 3-quarter's of my Saturday Golf Sweater design) and their little Munnchequin (in my new Attiton Hat design and a Brooklyn Tweed Noro Stripe scarf).  You'll be seeing a lot more of them and these designs here and on Ravelry in the weeks and months to come.  I have a lot planned for this little mannequin family over the next year - so stay tuned!

I designed and knit the little hat pictured on Munnchequin for the darling 4-year-old son of the talented owners of Creative Vega whose design expertise has been so valued in the creation of my branding, logo, and website.  When designing the hat, I had given careful consideration to the circumference of a 4-year-old child's head but basically winged it on the length - my bad.  Sadly, Munnchequin doesn't have a head, but I happened to be shopping in my local Whole Foods Market and took the opportunity to put the finished hat on random 4-year old heads to make sure it would fit.  (Note to self:  Be careful letting little kids try on a fun hat that they can't keep).  But Alas - the knitting moment of truth - despite my best attempts to convince myself otherwise - the hat was just too long.  What's more, it was knit bottom-up making unraveling from the ribbing to shorten the hat, at best, tedious and time-consuming.

"Fall in love with the process and the results will follow" (source:Pinterest, author unknown)

Whew!  In exciting but busy times like this I can be so focused on producing that sometimes it's easy to get antsy when a design doesn't appear to be coming together and I have to dig deeper for inspiration or I didn't think something through well enough and want to rip it out and start over.  When we focus too much on future outcomes, it's easy to miss the possibilities right before us.  This week I was reminded that I work hard designing knitwear because I love to design and knit.  I diligently practice the piano because I love to play the piano.  The Joy is in the journey and the beautiful results that can come from loving and trusting the process.

So - to make a long knitting story shorter (literally), I successfully CUT that hat to the right length, rescued the stitches and seamlessly re-knit the ribbing down (twice - actually - because the 2nd time around I got an idea for a much cuter corrugated ribbing and decided to do it while I was in a good knitting-surgery groove).  A perfect, unexpected and fun outcome!  I learned a lot and it was a good reminder that when I stay focused on the love of the process in whatever I am doing, that's when all the good stuff starts popping out.  That's when I discover new ideas.  Beautiful results - sometime delightfully unexpected ones - will follow.  And if not - I can always re-knit.  After all - loving to knit is what it's all about!

Wise Knitting my friends

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