New Release - The Community Capelet

I am thrilled to announce the release of my new design: The Community Capelet!

The Community Capelet has been in progress since March of 2016 and is the product of the combined efforts of a delightful community of friends and fellow knitters whose camaraderie and beautiful talents are so greatly appreciated.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Kathlyn Luliak (Rav: quiltingkitty) for your knitting talent and impeccable advice, Kelly Batt (Rav: kellybatt) and Norma Brown (Rav: rebelgal) for the many hours you spent test knitting and making recommendations, Tess Marshall for your beautiful spirit inside and out as my gorgeous model, and Morgan McDowell Photography and Chad Bennett for your brilliant, photograpy talent.  

This spunky capelet was born of a desire to stay warm and classic with a quirky little bit of spirit.  It is especially fun draped over other long fall layers.  With a split-elbow design allowing for a tailored fit and freedom of movement, it’s a stylish way to chase away the chill on these fall days. The Community Capelet is worked top-down using saddle and raglan shaping for the shoulders which gives it a great fit that can sometimes be lacking in capelet designs. It features a lazy double cable down the center front and back and is personalized to your measurements giving a customized fit.  It is worked mostly in the round after the neckline is joined until the top of the elbows are reached at which point the front and back are split and worked separately.  Size is determined by some measuring that happens at the beginning of the pattern and can be tailored for any size or length desired.

Pattern now available for purchase in my store by clicking here.  A little bit of classic, classy fall fun for you!

Happy fall knitting my wise maker-people!