Attitan's Hat

The Attitan's Hat pattern is finished and here is the hat on the adorable Attitan himself!  The pattern is now available in child's small, medium and large in my ravelry store.

Working on this hat has been such a blessed little diversion - truly an expression of the blessing the Creative Vega team has been in helping me launch Knit Wise.  If you look closely at the interlaced knot pattern at the top of the hat you will notice that it is a knitted rendition of the logo that Creative Vega designed for Knit Wise.  It is a continuous knot design that has the appearance of right-side-up and inverted hearts intertwined.  I love the imagery of interconnection, continuity and heart that my logo inspires and how well it fits the Knit Wise mission -  and I LOVE that I can actually knit my logo.  I'm thinking it will become the little knitted signature on all my hand-knit designs.  :-)  Fun idea, no?

Now it's back to finishing this yummy pile of cable-y, tweedy Shibui goodness.

Wise knitting my friends