"See Ada Mae, I'm doing it!"

I had the privilege of teaching an 86 year-old woman, Carol, how to knit yesterday.  

As we sat and learned and chatted she told me about her four sisters and two brothers who have all gone to heaven before her and I could see in her eyes and in the way she talked that it must be the loneliest feeling in the world.  She lives with her daughter but she said it's nothing like having the people around you who have known you your whole life.  

Three of her sisters were crocheters and so was she, but her closest sister, Ada Mae, was a knitter and always made Carol the soft cotton wash cloths she loved. And every time Ada Mae lovingly handed off a new set of washcloths, it was always with a teasing admonition. “You know, you could make these yourself, Carol”.  

As a crocheter, Carol learned to knit very quickly and by the end of the lesson, we had found a pattern very similar to her sister's wash cloth pattern and she was making it by the time she walked out the door.  Just before she left, she looked up and said; “See Ada Mae, I’m doing it.”  oh my goodness! My face was one big wet sob after that and still is.  

My heart is with my Mom and Dad and my Aunt Carol and Aunt Barbara today who must all be feeling a similar loneliness having lost so many of their own siblings.  And my heart is also with my own brother and three sisters - a treasured reminder of how precious you are in my life.

I casted on for a wash cloth with some soft cotton I had in my stash the minute I got home yesterday.   I think I'll give some to my brother and sisters for Christmas.

Click here for a link to the Old-Time Favorite washcloth pattern by Bunch Berry Studio on ravelry.com.

Wise knitting my lovely maker-people.